Emergency Rescue Service

This tool is for requesting immediate/emergency assistance outside our standard business hours (and for any need outside those involving Rossware Server Solutions; if you are an RSS client and your need directly concerns RSS, you should use the direct email as provided with that service, and need not use this path).

The fee is $300 for the first hour of service. Additional fees may apply if your need goes beyond one hour.

Please also note that while we are generally loathe to be roused from our sleep (or pulled from other leisure activity), we want to be available for your need.  We also wish to assure you do not have to pay any fee if you’re in a desperate (operation-crippling) situation, and if the precipitating cause was not in the least from your end, and instead resulted because of some direct fault on the Rossware side.   If this proves to have been true, we'll refund your $300 emergency fee.

To invoke this emergency assistance, please use the form below:

Payment Information
Credit Card Number:
Payer Addr:
Payer Zip: